Tempered glass can be made from annealed

glass via a thermal tempering process. The

glass is placed onto a roller table, taking it

through a furnace that heats it well above

its transition temperature of 564 °C

(1,047 °F) to around 620 °C (1,148 °F). The

glass is then rapidly cooled with forced air

drafts while the inner portion remains free

to flow for a short time.

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of

safety glass processed by controlled

thermal or chemical treatments to increase

its strength compared with normal glass.

toughened glass is 5 times stronger than

normal float glass. Toughened glass is also

used in the home. Some common household

furniture and appliances that use

toughened glass are frameless shower

doors and shower screens, glass table tops,

replacement glass in windows or doors,

glass shelves, cabinet glass and glass table

tops and toughened glass splashbacks for

your kitchens.we sell all shapes and sizes

 of toughened glass in all different colours.

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