Glass Guide

As one the leading glass suppliers in Manchester, here is a guide to all our toughened glass, float glass, fire glass, safety glass and mirrors.
  • Toughened glass is used for many things like balustrade panels, shower screens, glass splashbacks, table tops, shelves and in double glazed units for a safety aspect. toughened glass comes in a variety of sizes from 4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm all way up to 19mm: 
  • glass splashbacks can be made in 6mm toughened and 6mm clear float glass, Upstands can be 6mm 8mm 10mm toughened,Cuts outs can be applied in to toughned aswel for plug sockets.
  • balustrade panels are 8mm to 10mm toughned

 Balustrade bracket
  • shower screens are 8mm to 10mm toughned

 Shower track              Cut outs in glass        Glass shower hindges
  • Table tops can be a variety of 6mm,8mm,10mm toughened and be made in circular,square or rectangle shapes and you can add any colour to your table aswell !

  • Glass shelves can be made in 6mm,8mm toughened

   Glass shelf brackets
  • mirrors come in a range of thicknesses, the most common is 4mm and 6mm and they come in different tints,our most common tints are clear mirror and grey tinted mirror. for fitting you can have holes drilled in the mirror or glue the mirror on,  and we can supply the screws or the glue

  • we supply log burner glass in store any size cut there and then while u wait:

  • We supply all types of float glass range from diffrent thicknesses
  • we supply all types of obscured glass
  • we also supply the following:

All types of Laminated glass
6.4 clear laminated
                    8.8 clear laminated
                    10.8 clear laminated
                    6.4 obscured glass
                    6.4 opal glass also comes in 4mm satin glass ( white glass)

All types:  Fire glass                                                                                      
                  Pyrodur glass (fire glass)
                  Georgian wired rough glass
                  Georgian wired polished plat


All types: of obscured glass

all the products you see above can be bought in our store, if you have any in queries please feel free to get in touch via telephone/email or submit a message in the contact us box and we will get back to you within 48 hrs.
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